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Explore the 2023 Lineup

Take a look at the artists who rocked the stage last year!

Cody Canada & The Departed.png

Cody Canada & The Departed

Southern Rock/Alternative Country

The Departed is an American rock band formed in 2011 by Cody Canada after his former band, Cross Canadian Ragweed, broke up in 2010. The Departed currently consists of Canada (guitar & lead vocals), Jeremy Plato (bass guitar & vocals) and Eric Hansen (drums).



  • Website - The Departed
  • Facebook - The Departed
  • Instagram - The Departed
  • YouTube - The Departed
  • Spotify - The Departed
  • Apple Music - The Departed
Cole Chaney

Cole Chaney


Cole Chaney is a singer/songwriter from the Ohio and Big Sandy River community of Catlettsburg, Kentucky. After his debut album, Mercy, was released in 2021, Chaney experienced a great rise in popularity and has been growing a loyal fan base since.

  • Website - Cole Chaney
  • Facebook - Cole Chaney
  • Instagram - Cole Chaney
  • YouTube - Cole Chaney
  • Spotify - Cole Chaney
  • Apple Music - Cole Chaney
Addison Johnson

Addison Johnson


With strong lyrical content that will draw you into the story he’s telling, Addison’s songs take you on a journey to a time when country music was reflective of the working class American. Addison’s approach to songwriting brings those stories to life once again.

  • Website - Addison Johnson
  • Facebook - Addison Johnson
  • Instagram - Addison Johnson
  • Spotify - Addison Johnson
  • Apple Music - Addison Johnson
Rye Davis.jpg

Rye Davis


Rye Davis is a modern day troubadour from Pig, KY.  Performing over 150 shows a year both as a headliner and supporting act. Brad Paisley gave Rye a big compliment when he said to him, "You sound a lot like Alan Jackson." Rye’s smooth, distinctive vocals, captivating songs and live show energy bring his brand of country music to a whole new generation of growing listeners.

  • Website - Rye Davis
  • Facebook - Rye Davis
  • Instagram - Rye Davis
  • YouTube - Rye Davis
  • Spotify - Rye Davis
  • Apple Music - Rye Davis
Them Dirty Roses

Them Dirty Roses

Southern Rock

Born and raised in the Bama clay, these boys are as southern as they come. Taught how to bend a string and break a heart by Skynyrd and Hank, brothers James and Frank Ford along with their hometown friends Andrew Davis and Ben Crain formed the southern rock band known as Them Dirty Roses.

  • Website - Them Dirty Roses
  • Facebook - Them Dirty Roses
  • Instagram - Them Dirty Roses
  • YouTube - Them Dirty Roses
  • Spotify - Them Dirty Roses
  • Apple Music - Them Dirty Roses
Hannah Dasher

Hannah Dasher


"Hannah Damn Dasher" - the country star who was born to entertain. After graduating from college and moving to Nashville, Hannah signed with Sony Music and realized she didn't just want to be a singer, but also a songwriter. After years of hard work, Hannah has released many hits that give you that 90s country feel.

  • Website - Hannah Dasher
  • Facebook - Hannah Dasher
  • Instagram - Hannah Dasher
  • YouTube - Hannah Dasher
  • Spotify - Hannah Dasher
  • Apple Music - Hannah Dasher
Tim Goodin.jpg

Tim Goodin


Tim Goodin is a singer/songwriter straight out of the Hills of South East Kentucky. He grew up wandering the hills and "hollers" of the Appalachian landscapes. His Debut self released single "Pills and Poverty" tells the tragic tale plaguing so many rural community's today.

  • Website - Tim Goodin
  • Facebook - Addison Johnson
  • Instagram - Tim Goodin
  • YouTube - Tim Goodin
  • Spotify - Tim Goodin
  • Apple Music - Tim Goodin
Wes Shipp.jpg

Wes Shipp


Wes comes out of Florida with a voice comparable to Kentucky's native son, Keith Whitley. Whether he is playing a set of all originals or a mix of his original songs and covering classic country, Wes Shipp is always there to put on a show and entertain the crowd. It's only a matter of time before the masses know his name.

  • Website - Wes Shipp
  • Facebook - Wes Shipp
  • Instagram - Wes Shipp
  • Spotify - Wes Shipp
  • Apple Music - Wes Shipp
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